Information about the course

1. The coursework includes 30 hours of lectures (15 in the first semester and 15 in the second semester), 48 hours of practical classes (labs) and 12 hours of seminars conducted during two semesters. It is ended with the Practical Exam and Final Exam (test). In first semester are two Partial testes, of which second Partial test at the end of the semester is preceded by practical recognizing of slides from whole semester (exercises 1-8). In second semester are two Partial testes preceded by practical recognising of slides. In the case of  failing of the practical recognising of slides the Student has to reteake this recognising  in the next week during the labs hours.
2. The partial testes and practical recognising of slides will be conducted during the labs hours (the presence is obligatory). The final test will be timed in the schedule of session.
3. The detailed plan of the labs, seminars and lectures will be placed on the web side.


1. Students are obliged to prepare themselves earlier for each practical classes according to the topics. Students participating in the course of Histology and Embryology (labs, seminars and lectures) are required to have a student ID. If students do not have the required ID, Assistant has the right not to allow the student to participate in the classes.
2. Presence at the lectures is obligatory. This is due to the implementation of the course of the Histology and Embryology.
3.The labs and seminars are obligatory.
Unexcused Absences: Student can have a maximum one (1) of the unjustified absences during the whole cycle of teaching the subject (including the semester I and II). More than one unjustified absence shall give rise to the lack of pass of the subject (§ 21 of the Rules of Study).
Excused Absences: Student can have a maximum three (3) of the excused absences during the entire cycle of teaching the subject (including I and II semester). In random events, which results in a greater number of justified absences, Head of the Department decides about continuation of learning.  Justification the absence are: a) a medical certificate b) certificate of Dean or Vice Dean of Education (this absence is not included to the limit of justified absence).
Justification on the basis of a medical certificate the student presents within 7 days of the absence. Thereafter, they will not be honored. In the case of excusable absences students shall have the opportunity to pass a practice test on the following after the absence of exercise, or in the period to be agreed with the Assistants.
4. Each Student is obliged to come for the labs on time. Delayed Students can enter the class only if the time of delaying does not exceed 15 minutes from the moment a lab has been started.
5. In the case of absence or delay (more than 15 minutes) the Students can take the lab during the same week with another group provided that they receive the permission from the Teacher
6. In the case of the prolonged illness lasting more than one week the Student will be exempt from taking the labs but the Student is obliged to pass the material which was covered during the labs.
7. Students are obliged to change shoes and coat while taking the labs at the Department of Histology and Embryology.
8. Students are obliged to bring color pencils and exercises book on the labs.
9. Eating, drinking, and using mobile phones during the labs are prohibited.

Point system.

1. ETRANCE TEST: Quiz. Each lab will be entered with a short entrance test: quiz. Quiz contains 6 questions: 4 multiple or one answer questions and 2 open questions. Student will receive one point for multiple or one answer questions and two points for open questions. The maximal number of points possible to obtain during one lab equals 8. Students will have entrance tests during all labs in the first and second semesters. The maximal number of points possible to obtain through the whole year equals 144.
2. PARTIAL TEST. The partial tests are consisted of 30 questions: multiple choice or one choice questions. For each correct answer Student will receive one point. The maximal number of points possible to obtain during the whole year equals 120.
3. Student must gain at least 78 points (55%) in the first semester. Only in this case the student can attend to the second semester. The scores which student receives from first semester are following:

78-98 points (55-69%) 3 satisfactory
99-106 points (70-75%) 3,5 fairy good
107-113 points (76-80%) 4 good
114-120 points (81-85%) 4,5 better than good
121-142 points (86-100%) 5 good

4. PRACTICAL RECOGNIZING OF SLIDES AND PRACTICAL EXAM. The practical recognizing of slides and practical exam include 5 slides. Student will receive 2 points for each slide. The maximal number of slides possible to obtain equals 40 during the whole year (30 for practical recognizing of slides and 10 for practical exam). It is obligatory to recognize  minimum 3 slides from 5 slides (6 points) before midterms or final test.
5. Only students who will gain at least 161 (55%) points from whole year can take the Final Test.
6. Students who will obtain less than 161 points will have to take the oral exam in order to be allowed to take the Final Test. In this case extra percentages will not be added to the Final Score.
7. The Final test will be timed in the schedule of session.
8. In summary in order to pass the labs, it is obligatory:
- taking part in ALL of the labs
- taking part in all seminars
- unexpected absences have to be justified and documented
- obtaining the minimum number of points per semester and per year (78 and 161 points)

1. The Final test is a true/false test (100  one answer questions).
2. It is preceded by practical recognizing of slides. Students who failed the practical recognizing of slides are obliged to reteake this exam the next day after practical exam (the practical exam will be timed in the schedule of session). Only Students who pass the practical exam can accede to the Final exam.
3. Cheating is equal with the failed Final Test.
4. Students who failed the Final Test are obliged to reteake the test.
5. The final scores of the Final Test are not changeable.
6. The scores of the failed Final Test and the reteake will be confirmed by a signature in the Student Book as two separated scores but not as the mean of these two.
7. An excuse for absence should be submitted to the examiner on the same day of the Final Test, or in justified circumstances, within three days after the Final Test.
8. The Student who has not taken the Final test at a given date for not justified reason receives an unsatisfactory mark in his Student Book and Examination Record. The unsatisfactory mark equals with losing the first term of an exam and denying all the rights to receiving the privileges related only to the first term (i.e. additional percentages for punctuality or attendance to the lectures).
9. The scores which student receive from the final test are following:
(2) failed-less than 55%
(3) satisfactory 56-69%
(3,5) Fairly good 70-75%
(4) good 76-80%
(4,5) better than good 81-85%
(5) very good 86-100%.


The criteria of the final score include:
1. Final test 
2. Entrance test and partial tests

The additional percentages concerning point 2 will be added only in the case of the successfully passed Final Test for the first time. Reteakes of the final test or of the practical recognizing of slides deny all the rights to receive all the additional percentages.

In the case when the Student  obtained more than 196 points from both semesters, the final grade will be higher by half grade. A half grade will be added only in the case of obtaining the minimum number of points received through the whole year and successfully passed the Final  test and Practical exam.
10. The scores which student receive from the 1st and 2nd reteake of final exam are following:
Criteria of I and II retake
Percentage of points obtained from the test   
0-60    2
61-75    3
76-86    3,5
87-90    4
91-95    4,5
96-100  5


Program of lectures

Program of classes